Tres Hombres Long Bar and Grill

Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres offers unique coastal Mexican cuisine and cocktails, perfect for a night out. Enjoy Modern Mexican eats, inventive margaritas, and tequilas at this lively restaurant.

About the Tres Hombres Building

The building that now is home to Tres Hombres is the oldest existing structure in what is now Downtown Chico, completed in 1861 by the city's founder, John Bidwell. When first opened, the two story structure was the home of the first post office in what would become downtown Chico and was also John Bidwell’s office as well as the Bidwell General Store. In approximately 1915, the building was sold by Annie Bidwell to the Kilpatric family, who opened Kilpatric and Sons Grocerteria, the first of its kind in this area, a “modern” grocery store. In the late 1930’s, the second story was removed due to fear of collapse from an earthquake. The building is still owned by the descendants of the Kilpatric family.

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