Honey Run Road Loop

Honey Run Road Loop

The Honey Run Road Loop is a legendary bike ride in Chico. While the approach to the climb has gotten ever busier as more and more people move out into Butte Creek Canyon, the climb up Honey Run remains a classic. Featuring a narrow, twisting, winding road, with hints of flat sections at some of the turns, you'll have you just enough time to get up a little speed for the next section of climbing. And of course, the higher you go, the steeper it seems to get.

With its popularity as a bicycle climbing spot, cruising down Honey Run Road is not recommended.

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Take Skyway heading for Paradise. As you see the road curve to the right, look for Honey Run Road to your left. Meandering on Honey Run Rd., you'll come to the location where the historic Honey Run Covered Bridge once stood (and is now being rebuilt), where you pass by it to cross the creek over a modern bridge just upstream. (A left turn at the Covered Bridge onto Centerville Rd. takes you up and back to Centerville – a scenic, well-traveled route used by local cyclists). Soon after the Covered Bridge is when the real climb up Honey Run begins.

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