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Llama Hikes with Happy Homestead
Table Mountain Loop
Midway Bike Path
Keefer Road Loop
Durham Loop
Center Gap-Humbug Loop
Visiting Oroville Dam: The Full Experience
Hike the Pacific Crest Trail in Butte County
National Forest Campgrounds
Highway 70 Road Trip
Highway 99 Road Trip
Rails to Trails in Butte County
Visiting Loafer Creek
Stroll Through the Chico Seed Orchard
Biking Resources in Butte County
Discover Potters Point
Disc Golf in Butte County
Bidwell Park Tour
Upper Bidwell Park Loop - South Side
North Rim Loop
North Rim-B Trail-Middle Trail Loop
Guardian Trail-Bloody Pin-Annie Bidwell Trail Loop
Big Chico Creek Loop
Bidwell Canyon Trail
Annie Bidwell Trail
North Rim Trail
Hike Humboldt Peak
Discover the Colby Mountain Lookout Area
Middle Trail-Live Oak-Upper Trail Loop
Lime Saddle Memorial Park Trail
South Rim Trail
Indian Springs Trail and De Sabla Overflow
Dan Beebe Trail
Hike the North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve
Little Chico Creek Bike Path
Jonesville Canyon Trail
Pine Creek Loop
Yellowstone Kelly Heritage Trail
Butte County Hiking 101
Rattlesnake Hill Trail
Feather River Trail
Yahi Trail
Chico State Campus Arboretum
Discover the Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve
Tackle Dome Trail
Hike to Curtain Falls
Hike the Many Waterfalls Cross-Country Loop
Explore the Brad Freeman Trail in Oroville
Winter Wonderland: Jonesville and the High Country
Trails Worth Traveling For
Discover the Sly Creek Recreation Area
Fun Fairways: Golfing in Butte County
Paradise Lake: Picnic in the Pines
Experience the Sacramento River in Butte County
Swimming Holes in Bidwell Park
Camping On Lake Oroville
Get Outside in Butte Meadows
Discover the Forks of Butte Creek Recreation Area


Phantom Falls
Paradise Bikes 2
Lake Concow 3
Monkey Face 4
Clotilde Merlo Park 5
Butte Creek Ecological Preserve 6
Community Park 7
DeGarmo Park 8
Hooker Oak Park 9
Peregrine Point Disc Golf Course 10
Sherwood Forest Kids' Disc Golf Course 11
Paradise Aquatic Park 12
Chico Oxidation Ponds Wildlife Sanctuary 13
Llano Seco Unit 14
Skyway Golf Park 15
Table Mountain Golf Course 16
Bidwell Park Golf Course 17
Butte Creek Country Club 18
Canyon Oaks Country Club 19
Bille Park 20
Lake Madrone 21
Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve 22
Butte Creek Watershed Overlook 23
Lime Saddle Marina 24
Feather River Fish Hatchery 25
Brad Freeman Trail 26
Lake De Sabla 27
Paradise Lake 28
Chico Sports LTD 29
Pullins Cyclery 30
North Rim Adventure Sports 31
Greenline Cycles 32
AMain Cycling 33
Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary 34
Feather River Canyon of the Feather River Scenic Byway 35
Oroville Wildlife Area 36
Thermalito Afterbay 37
Riverbend Park 38
Terry Ashe Park & Recreation Center 39
Loafer Creek Recreation Area 40
Chico Creek Nature Center 41
Butte Creek 42
Thermalito Forebay 43
Feather Falls 44
Middle Fork of the Feather River 45
Feather River 46
Bidwell Park 47
Lake Oroville 48
Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area 49
Clay Pit State Vehicular Recreation Area 50
North Fork Feather River 51
Chico Community Observatory 52
Bald Rock 53
Upper Bidwell Park 54
Caper Acres 55
Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park 56
Bidwell Canyon Marina 57
Forebay Aquatic Center 58
Gray Lodge Wildlife Area 59
Lower Bidwell Park 60
One Mile Recreation Area 61
Honey Run Road Loop 62
Campus Bicycles 63
North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve 64