The Earth Day Film Festival
Chico Outdoor Adventurer

The Earth Day Film Festival will be held in Chico and Paradise, CA from March 12 - 19, 2020. Films will be shown at the Pageant Theatre in Chico. Special events will be held at Idea Fab Labs Chico and Gateway Science Museum.

Films are curated thematically into screening blocks that are 70-120 min each. Tickets for individual screenings are $10 and a Full-Festival Pass is $85 (valid for all events and screenings) for the week of the festival. The 2020 Official Selections can be seen here.

More About the Festival

The Earth Day Film Festival is a living, growing event and is itself a creative expression and offering to the planet. The festival creates an immersive experience to honor the multifaceted nature of our journey on Earth. The Earth Day Film Festival of years past has included both intellectually focused events such as panel-discussions, workshops, talks from industry professions, as well as heart-centered experienced like nature walks, performance art, live music and a vegan cooking demo.

This year's week-long event in Chico features films carefully selected to represent a broad range of interpretations of Earth. The festival runs entirely on Clean Energy with Zero Waste goals, facilitating film screenings around the world on Earth Day.

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