Fork in the Road

Fork in the Road

Fork in the Road is a food truck festival in Chico. From April through September, find them the first Wednesday of every month at Chico Elk's Lodge and every third Tuesday at Meriam Park.


  • 4/6 at Chico Elks Lodge #423
  • 4/19 at Meriam Park
  • 5/4 at Chico Elks Lodge #423
  • 5/17 at Meriam Park
  • 6/21 at Meriam Park
  • 7/6 at Chico Elks Lodge #423
  • 8/3 at Chico Elks Lodge #423
  • 8/16 at Meriam Park
  • 9/7 at Chico Elks Lodge #423
  • 9/20 at Meriam Park

More events to be added.

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