Discover the Colby Mountain Lookout Area
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Discover the Colby Mountain Lookout Area

Explore hiking and biking opportunities in the Colby Mountain Lookout/Colby Meadows area.


Offering a variety of snow-covered cross-country skiing and snowmobiling trails in the winter, Colby Mountain Lookout/Colby Meadows is just as fun when explored on foot. It’s higher elevation location makes it a great spot for summer hikes, with lots of shade and cooler temperatures compared to the valley below. Enjoy a shorter, intermediate hike by staying on the trails in Colby Meadows south of Colby Mountain Lookout, or add a few miles and difficulty by looping around and up to the lookout for expansive views.

Key Info

Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Length & Type: 7.3 - 9.6 mile loop

Best Used: May - October (snow shoes/cross-country skis required in the snowy months, generally November - April)

Dogs: Allowed

Trail Map: Colby Meadows Cross Country Ski Area

Other Information: Expect it to be about 20 degrees cooler than the valley.

Other Links: AllTrails


Mountain biking enthusiasts can spend a great day biking Colby Mountain and have the trails to themselves. The trail is located in the Lassen National Forest northeast of Butte Meadows, 35 miles east of Chico. The meadow area along Colby Creek is lush with vegetation during the middle of summer. Colby Mountain has a fire lookout that affords a panoramic view of Lassen National Forest. This ride offers solitude and good odds of seeing such wildlife as bears and deer.

Overall, there area about 60 miles of trails with three loops.

Driving Directions

From Chico take Hwy 32 heading east. About 15 miles beyond Forest Ranch, turn right on Humboldt Road. About five miles past Butte Meadows turn left into the Jonesville Snowmobile Area parking lot.

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